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I'm classically trained in the Art of Photography with a Degree from the year 2000.  My days started out in the darkroom with a manual film camera and rolls of film, in the quiet darkness while I watched what magic I created unfold in the chemical baths, then onto paper. It was those quiet hours that drove me insane- I'm a talker, a people person- I need noise!

I started Amanda Williams Photography in 2001 and that first year, I had 30 weddings under my own name.  From 2004 on, I was  running my business full-time, photographing over 80 weddings a year all over the world, almost completely word of mouth.  To date, I have photographed about 1600 weddings, 1800 family/kid/engagement/senior shoots, and counting (I keep track so that at a milestone number, I have an excuse to buy myself something I really don't need, but want). In 2019, I received my Urban Studies Degree from Wayne State University and applied to Grad School for Social Work, beginning fall of 2019. As I am almost finished with my MSW, and am now ready to "pass on my business",  Amanda Williams Photography, to my wonderfully talented niece Mara.


I love to travel solo and have been all over the world. Ask me about Israel, Syria. Chernobyl (Ukraine) Russia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Malta, Greece, South Africa, Amsterdam, and all of the Caribbean. Want to really get on my good side? Mention Norway, Seattle or the island of St. John- those are my favorite places on earth and I will love you forever just for talking about them.


I love volunteering, especially for the elderly population. I recently adopted two children from the foster care system. One of the best joys of my life is teaching these kids how to give back to others, to help those less fortunate, and to be fair in all of their practices in everyday life now and when they are adults- including working for and earning an honest living. Dinner times together are important (especially since I have missed out on weekends for almost 20 years) , as well as being able to be involved in their schooling and activities.


 I'm trying to be less lazy by working out at the gym more often (it's not working very well), and I'm doing my best to stop eating ice cream, chips, Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch and candy in bed while I watch Counting On, 90 Day Fiance'  or Golden Girls reruns on Netflix. I love the city life ( I lived Downtown Detroit for several years) and I love seeing people smile. 


I'm a Libra born October 10th, 1977.  I'm not worried one bit about aging- I'll always be awesome; so will you.


I love loving my career and I promise to always provide my clients with a wonderful experience filled with laughs, efficiency; true love. and a fantastic outcome- especially now that Mara is sliding right in to take over as I move into retirement mode, and move on to my next life adventure as a Social Worker.


Let's have some fun!










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"When I am with you, the only place I want to be is closer"

~Author Unknown

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