Q: What happens if you aren't able to be at my wedding?

A: Good question to ask all vendors!  Out of my 1600 or so weddings, I have only missed two- and both times I was in the hospital, pretty ill.  That's less than .5%- so it is obvious I take my job extremely seriously. Luckily, being in this industry for so long I have an extensive list of awesome photographer friends that have my back in case of misfotune- and most of them have been doing this gig longer than I have!  In the end, I still would be the one editing your photos, so you will always have that personal "Amanda Williams Photography" touch regarless of the situation.

Q: What do you do during dinner?

A: I eat!  I love food and will be totally hungry after working all day.  Not sure where to put me during dinner?  Some couples have empty spaces at a few tables and they know I love to make new friends, so they sit me with other guests.  Other couples have a specific table for all of their vendors- and that's fine too!  Just pretty please make sure to let me know in advance where I will be sitting, or add me to the seating chart so I don't have to bother you with it the day of your wedding.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Absolutely. State Farm gets more of my money per month than any other company.  Between my equipment, liability, disability, general business riders, car insurance and my home owners,  I sure think I have everything covered. 

Q: Do we get all of the rights to our photographic images?

A: Not only do you get the rights to your images- but you get ALL of your images I took throughout the entire day!  I'm proud of my photographic skills and stand behind every image. Is every images perfect? Nope. But when I use to photograph with film, there wasn't a way to clip each perfect negative and toss the bad ones- I just gave clients all of the negatives!  Same with digital- I give you everything on a thumb drive and if you don't like an image- you can delete it.  You paid for all of them, so I feel you deserve everything that you paid for.

Q: We want to make sure we get photos of every single person at our wedding. Will you go around to each table and take group photos of everyone?

A: Yikes! This is my one non-negotiable.  Even if you offered me an extra $1000, I wouldn't take it- I do not do table group photos under any circumstances.  It is super uncomfortable not only for me, but your guests as well. No one likes a camera shoved in their face when they didn't ask for it. If you want to be sure to capture every single guest at their discretion, I highly suggest you to hire a photobooth company to be at your wedding.

Q: What will you wear to our wedding?

A: This one is funny- but I have to answer it. Not too long ago, I was at the park taking photos of a bridal party when I spotted another wedding photographer taking bridal party photos. I almost lost it laughing- the man was sporting a beautiful mullet, paired with shorts, knee high tube socks and a fanny pack. 

With me representing you, I understand the imprtance of looking put together and not sloppy.  You should never feel embarrassed about the appearance of any of your vendors. No matter the temperature, I will dress comfortably but still look professional, rest assured.

Q: Do you have other friends that you refer for other wedding services like Videography, DJ and Florists?

A: Good golly, I LOVE my vendor friends! Shoot me an email or ask me at our initial meeting about other vendors I highly recommend for your wedding day. I have LOTS of them!

A: YES, YES, YES! I love destination weddings! I love the sweet challenge of creating art in an unfamiliar environment. It seriously helps me channel the creative side that is stored away for situations where I am away from my comfort zone. I currently have photographed weddings in Maui, Kauai, Dominican Republic, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ohio, North Carolina and all over Michigan. My destination costs are generally $2500 for out of state weddings, and this cost includes everything the package has to offer, listed here on my website. For more info, please inquire! HINT: Seattle is my favorite city on earth, and I am always looking for an excuse to get out there every couple of months- so if you are having your wedding in the Pacific Northwest, you MUST contact me!

Q: Do you do destination weddings?

Q: We have all of the amazing places picked out already for photo taking on the day of our wedding! But what if it rains on our day?

A: First off, I love that you have started thinking of these things already! Good job! Second, light rain shouldn't be too much of a problem; I just always recommend all of my couples to purchase some large golf umbrellas for themselves and each couple of their bridal party. I have a great method for shooting inlight rain; it is the "steady" rain that my camera (and your hair!) cannot handle. Another misconception is that you just can't roll up just anywhere to take indoor photos. In fact, even if you have a room at at hotel booked for your wedding night, chances are high you aren't even allowed to photograph there. There are very few places that will let you photograph inside- especially if you have a bridal party with you. When you book a hotel for your wedding, I urge you to talk with the hotel manager right off the bat asking about your options for photo taking in the lobby in case of bad weather.

Let's talk a little bit now about your favorite outdoor locations! Just like indoor locations (there are pretty much NO indoor locations anywhere that let you take photos fro free), there are several neighborhood parks that make you reserve a time for phototaking, or simply will not allow you to be there at all. On top of that, while Downtown Detroit is always a high trafiic area for wedding photographs, with all of the construction, Q Line and wonderful things going on Downtown, it is becoming more and more difficult not only to get down there, but to find parking as well.  In the end, I always tell my couples to be flexible right along side me, so we can pick a perfect and convenient place for outdoor photos together- whether it is Downtown Detroit, another urban location or a cool local park.  Remember, while the background plays a small role- it's the content of the photo (you!) that carries the most prominence in the photograph itself.

Q: Your package pricing is very reasonable. What makes you better than other photographers?

A: Look, I've been at this wedding photography stuff for longer than a lot of other wedding photographers in the Detroit area. From day one, I have never priced my packages according to what the industry demands- because I really don't care what other people charge.  My price reflects my lifestyle- how many bills I have to pay, how much I want to travel in a given year, how much useless crap I want to buy (I love shoes, makeup, and clothes) and how many times during the week I want to go to Olive Garden. 

While I respect each and every photographer out there, I really don't like to compare myself to anyone else.  One way I can have peace, harmony and confidence in myself, others and my career is by focusing on my own drive and excitement to do my job.  I truly feel that each photographer has something amazing inside of them- it's up to you to figure who fits your style, personality and budget the best for your big day!

Q: Do you offer a second photographer for weddings, or do you shoot solo?

A: From the get go, right out of photography school I was trained how to get everything I needed at a wedding on my own. After 16 years of this as my career, I'm super confident in knowing most all aspects of a wedding and when there I times I need to pretty much be in two places at once. Of course I get the look on the grooms face AND you walking down the isle- I have a great method I have been using for years. There are many tricks and tips I use to get exactly what I need to make your story fulfilling and truly telling of the day. This is a reason why you get around 2000 photos on your wedding day with me. If you are looking for a two photographer team, make sure you ask them if you get all of the originals as well as about 2000 images to keep. 

Q: Amanda- who took that photo of you on the camel "about me" section?

A: Funny you should ask!  I consider myself an expert solo traveler. That photo was taken in Jerusalem, Israel in 2015. Some places I have been to by myself are: Cuba, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Chernobyl Ukraine, Italy, Sicily, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, Russia, Ski'd the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Hawaii- and November 2017 I headed to South Africa and Malta. I have also traveled to most of the Caribbean islands. My next solo travel wish? Budapest and Copenhagen. My favorite place is Norway and if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Seattle Washington. I am total Pacific Northwest girl at heart.